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    if you have this flashcart and try to put ysmenu on it from RetroGameFan Multi Cart Update or from anywhere else, then be careful. Because this flashcart will get brick with the official ttmenu.dat, the official one will brick the flashcart if it turns out to be fake
    i thought it'll only brick fake dstt cart but no it also break other fake cart (although i don't know if this also possible with other flashcarts other than this).
    29252300-d564dc48-8096-11e7-9396-bfcd82b59f1e.jpg 29252289-af1b46c6-8096-11e7-9676-bfb648fece76.jpg 29252294-bcb8dbe0-8096-11e7-89e3-fcee55acafe4.jpg (photos from flashcart core github issues)

    My 2016 R4 hk just got bricked months ago because i'm trying to put ysmenu on it and then my ds couldn't read it, just a blank icon like nothing is inserted. So i tried to flash it with ntrboot flasher on my 3ds with any r4 firmware that i found on internet, but it says that my r4 is not supported so i don't know how to fix it anymore. Fortunately i still have my edge cart to play ds games, but now i can't play it on my 3ds anymore (the one that get bricked is the only one that works with my 3ds and doesn't have timebomb)

    i think my flashcart got bricked because its a clone of r4 wood (maybe?) so the ttmenu.dat think its a fake and brick it.

    more about the flashcart:
    -this flashcart is recognised as SpongeBob's Atlantis Squarepantis THQ
    -kernel file that's on its micro sd:

    if anyone know how to fix this, please let me know and maybe help this guy too https://gbatemp.net/posts/5201682/
    thank you.

    also if anyone was trying to find the kernel for it, i put the kernel files w/ and w/o ysmenu here.

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