Does this mean the shader cache is corrupted or something else(artefacts)

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    Sep 26, 2016
    I have more than 200 hours or gameplay on XCX and I changed the cemu version 3 or 4 times during(just replacing the exe and nothing else)that time and I also recently update my nvidia drivers but yesterday something weird happen.
    While messing around with my equipments,trying my gear up myself to survive and hopefully beat Phasis,something suddenly happen and my character started looking all weird and some triangles started appearing.
    When I exit the menus,the game was running at below 10fps looking weird
    I restarted cemu and tried 2 more times but after few minutes,the same thing happen again

    This happens only in the cemu window,not the whole screen so it's not dying gpu
    I also tried other emulators and pc games and they work fine

    I made another thread about why cemu is running at High cpu priority and after I change it to normal,that problem I get(my screen turns off),never happen but now this happens