Does saving on EDGE kill your battery?

Discussion in 'EDGE' started by Weaselpipe, Nov 19, 2010.

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    When I first got my EDGE a couple of years back, I was impressed at the battery usage. However over the past 9 months or so I have noticed that the more times you have to save in a game, the quicker the DS runs out of steam. The problem is not as noticable on the Lite as on the Phat but still exists.

    Last night I decided to experiment with Pokemon Black, as I presume that it is quite a battery eater anyway. On my fully charged DS, saving before battles and special encounters, I got about 90 minutes before I got the red light- then next time I saved it ran out entirely. Recharged the DS fully and started again without saving. 3 and a half hours later I had still seen no red light and was getting tired, so point proved I went to bed.

    I thought it may be my DS battery getting old, but I can still get a good 6-7 hours out of retail Chinatown Wars, Spirit Tracks and TWEWY- even with regular saves.

    Does anybody else have this problem or is my EDGE knackered? (It didn't used to be so bad, until I played the un-save-able ROM of Spirit Tracks and kept the DS plugged in at all times so I wouldn't lose my progress)


    (P.S. If a thread exists for this problem already please reprimand me. I did a brief search to no avail)
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    can u pm me the link for your pokemon black game?
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