Does CTRNAND Transfer to 2.1 Install Browser module?

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    Hello if this is the wrong thread mod pls move it.

    I am trying to install a9llh on my friend's o3ds. I've successfully done this on my own N3DS XL so i thought it would be simple right? no such luck.. My friends O3DS was on 2.2.0.U when i got it from him. Cart updated it to 7.1.0U to use CTRNand transfer but ran into a snag. His browser won't even open. As soon as I tap it it says The internet browser is unavaible until you perform a system update through system settings. what are my options now? My friend has no money to buy a new one at the moment. I hoping if i cart update to 9.2.0U and use cubic ninja i can downgrade. but will ctrNand transfer to 2.1 fix my browser issues since it is essentially a universal NAND backup? help me out here pls.
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    Yep, you can update to 9.x with a cart and use Cubic Ninja. CTR transfers do contain browsers, but you will restore a NAND backup after installing a9lh which means you lose the browser again. However, you will then do a normal online system update and get the browser back again.