ROM Hack Does a tool exist for viewing and/or converting Mobiclip files?

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I've been playing around with the files in Professor Layton and the Curious Village just for fun, but I've been wondering if a tool exists for opening Mobiclip video files? I have been looking for one, but I myself have not found any.
The version of the Mobiclip video codec Professor Layton and the Curious Village uses is 0.1.0


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Nov 21, 2005
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No, nobody has properly pulled the thing apart and made a decoder/encoder for the format seen on the DS. Apparently it is even quite locked down in the SDK.

Your best bet is to rip the video using an emulator, if you want end game videos then it should be easy to get them to play (first try renaming the end videos and putting them as easy to find start videos/opening cinematics, after that you probably will have to look at more general hacking). You might also be able to inject them into another game (similar to how some of the audio ripping works at its core) but there were a few different versions (vx and .mods being the main two "big" differences but each have a couple of versions of their own). has links to some more.

Also if you do not get audio then sometimes the audio is fed from more traditional sound formats. This should be well within the realms of traditional DS sound fiddling though.

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