Disaster: Day of Crisis

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    Release Date: 24/10/2008 (For Europe)

    In Disaster: Day of Crisis, it’s not just the forces of nature you’ll be fighting. As ex-marine Ray Bryce you’ll also be waging a one-man war on a group of elite soldiers holding the government to ransom. To take them down, you’re going to need to make sure you are packing some seriously heavy-duty artillery.

    When the action first kicks off, Ray will be depending on the most basic of firearms to get past the bad guys. And while it’s enough to get him out of a tricky situation or two, you’ll quickly realise that tackling an organisation with the military might of SURGE is going to require you to get your hands on something more powerful.

    To pick up new weapons and power-up the ones you already have, you’ll need Battle Points, and the way to earn these is to prove you’re a crack shot with the firearms you already own. This can be done between levels in the game’s Shooting Range.

    Once you’re on the Shooting Range – which could be based anywhere from a back alley to the heart of the jungle - you’ll be set a variety of challenges. You might have to take out a certain number of targets with limited ammo or blast your way through targets before time runs out. Whatever the aim of the challenge, successful completion will usually unlock a new weapon for you to purchase. You’ll also earn the precious Battle Points you need to buy those new weapons and upgrade your old ones.

    Once you’re ready to improve your arsenal, the Buy and Upgrade Weapons option will grant you access to a huge range of firearms arranged in a ‘weapon tree’. To buy certain weapons you’ll have to already own other weapons connected to them in the tree – ensuring you don’t pick up something that’s too hot for you to handle before you’re ready for it! Don’t worry though, until the most powerful weapons become available, you can always spend your BattlePoints maxing out your current gear and improving their power, accuracy, aiming, magazine size and reloading time. Before every level you’ll choose four weapons to take into battle, switching between them whenever you like in order to adapt to your predicament.

    There might be earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes and tsunamis to contend with, but at least when it comes to fighting back against the other forces you’ll face, Disaster: Day of Crisis ensures you have every opportunity to defend yourself.

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    already played the japanese version. fun game. cant wait for the european one to play it again.