Decrypt NAND without 4.x?

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    I had an idea... since I have a few 3DS's (one of every model in the US) and all 9.2 or lower, the NAND from the 2DS and new3DSXL can't be decrypted. When a system tranfer transfers the NAND, I'm sure a few files are changed, however, if we know what exactly changes, can we do this:
    -Dump NAND on 2DS, store safe.
    -System Transfer from 2DS to 3DS emunand (using either GW mode or a NAND mod to restore nand on 2DS)
    -2DS and 3DS now essentially have the same nand with the minor differences?
    -Create an XORPAD from the original Dumped 2DS nand against the 3DS one (which we can decrypt)

    Is this something that will work? I've heard about a movable.sed file, but i don't know much about it.