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Nov 19, 2008
Coventry, UK
Lali ho.

Been checking out the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age Origins set to release here in the UK on Friday. My old man bought the original on PS3 ages back but I never finished it, primarily because the fat lazy git never relinquishes control of the telly long enough for me to get past the title screen. However, I now have my own Xbox 360, so such issues no longer apply. Always looked into getting the DLC so this package sounds ideal. I was estimating given that it's the full original game, which was already pretty damn huge, the Awakening pack, plus all of the additional content such as Witch Hunt, Stone Prisoner, etc, that it'd be about £50. Big game, big price. Seems reasonable to me.

The website is listing it as £29.99 to preorder it and have it delivered.

Consider it sold. I can easily get 60+ hours out of that box, and that's just on main quests. I loved the original on PS3, sinking a frankly ludicrous ammount of time into the wooing of Leliana and occasionally taking a swing at a passing Darkspawn, and the only reason I never completed it was due to a lack of access. Granted, I already have a rather epic backlog of RPG's to battle through such as Last Remnant, Lost Oddysey, Tales of Vesperia, Star Ocean Last Hope and Final Fantasy 8 and 9, but this will be a welcome addition all the same. Just thought I'd spread the word for any other Dragon Age fans out there who were put off by the rather excessive price tag of the Awakening pack (£32 for an expansion pack? Suck my balls) so check out the site if you're interested. Toodles.


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