Dead Rising: Case Zero delayed

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    The downloadable preview of sorts for Dead Rising 2, Case Zero, was originally set to be released tomorrow, August 30, exclusively on the Xbox Live Marketplace. That release has now been delayed -- in Japan, at least. The announcement wasn't especially specific about what the problem was, but according to Andriasang, it was due to content that has been deemed to be inappropriate for a free version of the game. Case Zero itself will cost 400 Microsoft Points ($5), but there will also be a trial version as there is of all Xbox Live Arcade games.

    Case Zero bridges the story between Dead Rising 1 and 2 and sets up the events of DR2 as protagonist Chuck Greene attempts to save his daughter who has been bitten by a zombie. The only way for Greene to keep her alive is to routinely inject her with a vaccine called Zombrex, something that he had until his car (along with the Zombrex) was stolen.

    The delay was announced by Capcom Japan, and it's entirely possible that it will only affect that region. Regardless, Capcom did tell Famitsu that the delay won't impact the release of Dead Rising 2 proper, which is coming to North America on September 28 and Japan on September 30.

    This sounds like a Japan-only delay, but we've contacted Capcom to find out if the delay will also apply in North America and will report back as soon as we know.[/p]

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    Not that I really care, I thought the first Dead Rising was really quite awful. Once you get past the novelty humor of beating up zombies with silly things and Frank West as a character, it's a poorly controlled, highly repetitive, and thoroughly boring game.
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    Well given JTAG machines are around I have already indulged in case zero just over a week ago and by and large it is a massive improvement on DR1 (it is quite obviously an engine upgrade but a well done one).
    - you control pretty well. It is no prince of persia but as far as third person controls like this go I have seen worse.
    -you aim pretty well. No argument DR1 shooting mechanics were horrible. We are not talking something like splinter cell or the recent kane and lynch but a gun worked well and was not a liability.
    -repetition. I can not speak for the whole game and while it could be said that many of the quests were fetch, find or protect they were done well enough that I did not care. It was certainly not your diablo grindfest but that same could be said of the first one I guess.

    Some other nice touches and features were added- custom weapons for one.
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    Dead Rising 1 was AWESOME. I'm probably going to get DR2 for PC, since it's my favourite platform between the three.

    I can't wait for it!