Dazzle Sparkle DS

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    Dazzle Sparkle DS

    A homebrew Bejeweled Clone

    Dazzle Sparkle DS is a clone of Bejeweled for the DS.

    Tap on START GAME. Switch adjacent gems to form 3, 4 or 5 matching gems.

    The health/timer bar will drop as time goes on although points scored will help replenish the health bar. Should maximum health be reached, the board will refresh (next level). The health bar will drop faster as you progress through each level.

    You can press START to go back to the main screen at any time.


    [​IMG] Homepage

    [​IMG] Download

    Source (Palib forum)

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    Seems like a lot of homebrew action in the last day or two -- that's always nice -- and who doesn't love Bejeweled. I'll gladly check it out. Thanks
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    Do we need to do a DLDI patch for this?