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    Right, I've used both DSLazy and Nitro explorer to open up my DS rom, what I want to try and do is access the image files on the game, I.E. what you see on the screen when you're playing like the backgrounds, locations, sprites etc. I've managed to extract all the sound data from the .SDAT and .ADX files, but I really want to try and access the images, so I need help with two things: Firstly, does anyone know what extension they'll be under? There are a LOT of .bin files that I can't access =/ so they might be there, and secondly, do you know what program I should use to extract them? Hope someone will be able to help =/
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    gety yourself crytaltile2 open the rom or file(s) dumped
    goto view tile view (F5)
    in the left of the screen there is a properties pane there you can change the properties for viewing the file
    so... some screen and backgrounds are tile size 256 by 192 so you might want to search with that (use your mouse look slowly through the file and hope you see someththing recognizable as a graphic)
    note the 256 is just a suggestion it could be ANYTHING.... size wise
    also you can probably find the pallete for the graphics in there somewhere

    example nostalgia use crystaltile2 after opening you rom and going to tile view press ctrl+n (nds file structure) or tools -
    now there is a window with the nds file structure- scroll through that til you see anything listed with a sub file -tile file
    right click that and retrieve tile address
    now you can see said file as graphic
    if it doesn't look right don't worry default pallete for at least the game icon (sometimes this helps) can be used...
    in the nds file system window - edit - view icon(s)
    use the same nds file system window and find the sample/2d/WT_test2_256.ncgr file right click retrieve tile address right below it is the pallete file for it
    right click it and load the pallete all you have to do now is change the rom window so you can see the background image
    to dump that image and to insert a new one - edit - export or import image (not the nds file sytem window, the edit edit above the properties panel)

    you can use this method for a lot of games

    if you want to know more about graphics for nds or use a different program try arcnors tahaxan
    you will at least be able to see the graphics with it, just a matter of remembering the offsets and other size settings for use with crystaltile2 so you can dump and edit it (tahaxan is limited in its functions)
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    Sorry about the bump, but before I try, would it be possible for me to open up a game, replace some of the images, and run it as normal? (i.e. Take Pokemon SoulSilver and change the player sprite to Link sprites, and make the trees spooky-like?)

    I'm just not sure if there's a way I can access the files without fully extracting them. Because I doubt that I could repackage them again. Could I?
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    Get Tahaxan. You can view the idevidual images in the program.
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    now that I'v re read this if there is no listings for graphics and it is all bin files (example zoids dash)
    one bin file with alot crammed in

    your best bet would be to try common graphioc sizes and and a grayscale pallete
    256 by 192
    32 by 32
    8 by 8