Dai Gyakuten Saiban is a little infuriating

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    As a fan of this series, having played all the games (many of them in both English and Japanese), I was quick to get this game when it came out. I was excited at first, but it became harder and harder to play as I progressed.

    The first chapter gave me high hopes. Everything was as it should be, and the new (old) setting put a new spin on things. I was stoked to play the rest

    The second chapter was weird. There was no trial, just investigation. I didn't know what to think of this version of Sherlock Holmes (Is he a genius? Is he an idiot who thinks he's a genius? Is he a genius who pretends to be an idiot who thinks he's a genius?). It was fine, though, as it was a good introduction to the deductive reasoning mini-game where you correct Holmes' half-assed deductions to come to the correct conclusion.

    It was at about the third chapter I started to slow down. The game became so incredibly easy I couldn't believe it (5 was like this, too). Not to say that the other games were hard, but this one literally tells you what to do every step of the way, even telling you exactly what part of the testimonies to attack. There's no satisfaction in tearing down witnesses if I'm told beforehand what to do.

    Another issue I had was that the characters were waaaaay too cartoony for its own good. I accepted the wacky misshapen humanoids in the Layton crossover because that style was common for the Layton games, but here these quasi-human caricatures are out of place. At least in the previous games the characters seemed like real people.

    The story is where my (and most every other person who played this game) biggest complaint is. Every chapter ends in a very unsatisfactory note, nothing is every completely resolved, and the game ENDS with at large number (I counted at least 5) of unanswered questions. These are not small things, either. They are things that are mentioned multiple times and are critical to some main characters, and after leave you waiting for these answers, THE END
    Unanswered Questions

    Some other little gripes I had were just me overthinking inevitable problems with the game's setting. The game takes place in London, and they make a point to tell the player that everyone is speaking English even though the game is Japanese (because it's for Japanese audiences, duh). However, when the two Japanese characters are speaking privately to each other, and Holmes (or someone else), joins the conversation, I'm left thinking: "Wait, does that mean the Japanese people were speaking to each other in English for no reason?" Or when they notice another Japanese person because they hear him speaking in Japanese, but all the text is the same regardless of who's speaking, so there's nothing indicating that someone was speaking Japanese and not English. Whatever, just overthinking.

    So, if this game is ever released in English, through official or unofficial channels, be warned that you will leave the game dissatisfied.

    Also, if an unofficial translation project happens, please contact me, as I have experience in translation and would love to help.
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    I've heard as much too, and while it sucks, this is intended to be a trilogy, so hopefully Mr. Takumi will end up answering all the burning questions eventually... though, I'd be lying if I told you this didn't seem like he just left most of these questions left unanswered because he hasn't yet decided himself where to go with them.

    It reminds me a lot of the Dreamfall series, where its writer clearly has trouble too with concluding his story, and I suspect he's not actually able to figure the best way to end it out himself, because he's opened too many subplots and written himself into a corner.

    With all of these negative things said though... I can't wait to play DGS myself.
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