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    Jul 16, 2016
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    okay so new to this wii softmodding stuff. from the beginning

    1. did the letter bomb using sd card
    2. got home-brew and bootmii installed
    3. usb loader gx used on sd card
    4. usb fat32 games uploaded properly
    5. usb loader sees games just fine, start = kick me back to home-brew
    6. find that 222, 223, 249,250, and 254 are stubbed.
    7. have the d2x iOS installer running just fine.

    here my problem i have no wifi unless usb tether to computer and my computer is a mac. so i can't figure out how to get offline files to add to the root of my sd card because I'm using mac and nus downloader is pc

    or a way to do the neek mod thing on a mac would be nice too..just having a hard time finding stuff thats compatible with mac without doing a windows emu on it.
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    Get a proper wifi router, or connect the Wii to another wifi network?
    Go to a friend, family, etc.

    All other solution requires you to use windows program. (NUSDownloader or Modmii)