CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.53

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Jan 12, 2009

CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.53 by JPH at 10:15 PM (1,652 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

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    CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.53
    GBA -> NDS for Pokemon Now Supported

    TeamCyclops has released an update for their Slot-1 flashcart, the CycloDS Evolution.
    Slot-1 to Slot-2 Linking between the GBA Pokemon games and NDS Pokemon games is now supported (supplying you have the EZ Flash 3-in-1 Slot-2 attachment).

    [​IMG] Compatability Fixes in CycloDS Firmware v1.53:

    [​IMG] NDS #2746 - Think Kids (SQUiRE)
    [​IMG] NDS #3191 - Phantasy Star Zero (Xenophobia)

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