Custom Textures on Nintendont?

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    Jun 16, 2019
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    Hello, I'm new to this forum so I hope this is being posted in the correct location. I've been playing the Metroid Prime series for the upcoming Prime 4, and I'm on Prime 2 and thought of something. Is it possible to swap out the game textures for higher resolution ones? I know it seems a little silly to want to increase texture resolution on a Wii but hear me out... In terms of specs, the Wii's GPU almost DOUBLES the GameCube's. But as far as textures are concerned, the Wii has quadruple the VRAM (64MB vs. 16MB on the GC). Not only that, but the bandwidth of the Wii's GPU is exactly 3 fold (3.888GB/s over 1.296GB/s). Now normally you need hardware many times greater than what you're emulating so naturally this idea does seem a bit redundant, but the Wii is basically a beefed up GameCube, it's easier to emulate GameCube games on a Wii than say N64 games with something like Wii64 or even that relatively new port of Mupen64 because Nintendont doesn't have to translate as many instruction sets if any as both consoles' CPUs are based on the PowerPC architecture. Now of course I'm asking if this can be done naively on Nintendont, but if not, what way can I do this where it can be properly emulated on Nintendont?
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