Creating 3D Level Models Using Game Data

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by socialag, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. socialag

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    Jul 27, 2016
    Hi there, I'm looking for some assistance. I'm looking to create 3D models of individual levels, from a game called Rodea The Sky Soldier on Wii. This is so I can work out where objects are within each level. Long story short I'm looking to determine exactly where bonus levels are held within a level, since, rather than being held separately on it's own map, they are held within the area of the level itself, and since because of how the game works other means such as emulation do not work, I am looking to create 3D level layouts which would highlight these sections.

    Unfortunately, I'm unsure how to go about doing this. If anybody can provide any sort of assistance what-so-ever, I'd hugely appreciate it, and would be happy to go into more detail if needed. What tools would I be needing for this? I have an iso for the game created from my own release, both a JP and EU iso as I own both, and I can rip the files from these isos.

    Thanks in advance
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    Dec 3, 2015
    I dont know how to do it, but I had to comment anyway. just shocked to see another fan of Rodea lol