Could anyone fix my Skyward Sword (NTSC) savefile using the save channel?

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    Feb 17, 2016
    I have a PAL Wii and an NTSC copy of Skyward Sword; I've triggered the Lanayru dragon bug, and I cannot go on unless I use the save channel.

    However, the PAL channel doesn't recognize NTSC saves, and the NTSC channel (I installed it through a WAD) doesn't seem to connect to the USA servers.

    I uploaded my save file here; if anyone would copy it to their NTSC console and fix it using the save channel, and then send it back to me I'd be really thankful.

    EDIT: solved thanks to this thread: I used the method displayed there to convert my save to PAL, then I fixed it using the PAL channel, and lastly converted it back to NTSC (since the PAL version had some framerate issue, apparently?).
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