Hacking Corrupted MicroSD Card


New Member
Dec 30, 2007
United States
Well, today I got my EZ Flash 3 in 1, and I decided to put some new GBA games on it. While my computer was moving data to the MicroSD card, it suddenly stopped copying. I then got a notification saying that my microSD card couldn't be detected, so I ejected and reinserted it. Now my microSD card appears to be corrupted.
In addition to this, i tried formatting it using windows and nothing works. I can't format it to FAT32 or FAT, it always appears to complete then tells me that formatting failed. I've done this on multiple computers, and gotten the same response.
There's a ton of crap on the drive, and nothing can be deleted or accessed. I think my games are gone, but that's the least of my problems (I backed up all my stuff already, so I'm not too worried).

Is there a way to make the SD card reusable again? Or is it corrupted beyond repair?

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