Convert save files from EZFlashIV to VBA

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    I have a Nintendo DS with Acekard 2i and EZFlash IV. Using the GBA Backup Tool, I have backuped the save from a real gba catridge. The save file works perfectly on my real DS, but I want to be able to load it into Visual Boy Advance. So I tried converting it from EZFlash IV to NO$GBA using this site. After that, I used a NO$GBA to VBA converter I found on the Interwebz. However, the save file didn't work in VBA. Do you know any way to do this?
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    That first site is for DS saves and the second is probably which I believe is more for savestates.

    Were you using the EZ4 with the acekard 2i to manage or did you use the EZ4 by itself? If you used the acekard or a program launched from it to manage it then I hope your EZ4 still works -- said programs have a habit of bricking them as far as having them boot their own loader (though they still work well with the programs). If it was the acekard itself I believe AKAIO adds a header to GBA saves but as you had it working otherwise I doubt that is the case here.

    Back on topic though
    Step one is on VBA click file -> import -> battery file (not sure what it will be if you have it localised)
    That often does the trick.
    By the way you may need to export it if you want to use it on a real cart/flash cart again.

    After this... there was a little tool for "conversion" which people could use with the 3 in 1 but worked well enough with the EZ4 (they are closely related after all). Said conversion was usually just pad it out so VBA's less than stellar save handling would accept it. Try the first thing though.
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