Confused over laser lens cable

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    Jun 7, 2010
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    Hello, I was wondering if the Wii needs a lens connected when using backups. My wii lens was busted a while back and did not read games whatsoever, but I was able to play backups off
    a hdd just fine. Now I went to open the wii and somehow accidentally ripped the orange flat laser cable that connects directly to the lens. Now my repair skills must be below average
    because then I also seemed to have broke off the tiny brown latch that holds the dvd ribbon cable (has the slick black ends) in place. I am able to boot into neogamma, but my back ups
    will not start. I'm trying to isolate the problem, and I can not tell if it lies with the dvd ribbon cable, or laser lens cable. Sorry if this is confusing, but thanks for any help.