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    Apr 28, 2012
    I apologise if i am asking stupid questions. I recently received my x360key with remote thinking setup would be straight forward. I have no problems following youtube videos on how to connect sata leads etc. The problem i have is i dont know if i need to get the drive key from my benq xbox360 drive??? I only have a laptop so if key is required then this may no be so simple...............................Can someone please tell me if i need drive key, or can i just connect new hardware..............My xbox360 has been taken apart to reveal drive, and i have iso's on an external drive..............any advice would be greatly apreciated, or please redirect me if this is a common topic. I have just joined this forum.

    thankyou in advance

    (i have just been told i do need to extract key, but as i only have a laptop, do i need any special hardware????????/)

    Anyone know about the Wasabi 360 auto key extraction??
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    Yes you need to extract your drive key from your Xbox 360 disc drive. There are tutorials on how to do it online. (I think I remember seeing one that you can do on a laptop.)
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    As Devin said you will need to extract your DVD key.

    You can do this by using the power of your 360 to power your Drive (not recommended but since you only have a laptop you can do it) Or buy an CK3i Mini (this one uses USB power only iirc.

    And you'll need a X360 USB to extract the Key + a Probe 3.

    After you have gotten that you can hook it all up to Jungleflasher and read the manual which comes with the Jungleflasher package.