Classic Controller needed for VC

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    Jul 31, 2006
    After all the rumours, intrigue and speculation, the mystery of the Wii console is finally coming to an end as the manual is exposed, uncovering some of the last few details about the hardware.

    One of the most interesting points highlighted in the manual, which was acquired by Joystiq, is the fact that certain virtual console games will only be compatible with the Classic Controller, which contradicts earlier word from Nintendo that seemed to suggest the GameCube controller to be fully compatible with all VC software.

    Also on the topic of the Virtual Console is a formatting option, which clears all records of the Virtual Console games purchased on that console - to be used before flogging the console.

    Good news for young ones - the Wii parental control features don't restrict use of GameCube games. So, all you need to do is get your dozy parent to THINK it does, then get your Resi 4 action in when they're not around.

    The Fun! Mode, an option that allows you to draw and edit images, also allows you to play around with individual frames of a video stored on your SD card.

    Wii Remote configuration, like speaker and rumble settings, will affect all remotes connected to the console. And the manual also confirms that the optimum distance range for the player to be from the sensor bar is between three to eight feet, as suggested by CVG earlier.

    The Wii will be out in the US this Sunday November 19, while us Brits will unfortunately be a waiting a further three weeks for our consoles, which go on sale on December 8.

    Source: DCEmu