ciOS issues? USB Ports loading as USB1 and USB2

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by MoomanFL, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. MoomanFL

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    Mar 15, 2015
    United States
    First of all I had a black Wii that I modded back in 2010 and had it working fine. CFG Loader would load the USB drive from port 0 but not port 1 but USB Loader GX would load from either port. I could run pretty much all of my disks from the HDD with no problem. I usually used CFG Loader because I liked the interface, but for my daughters Sing It and Karaoke Revolution games we had to use USB Loader GX because for some reason the game would only recognize the microphone if it was plugged into port 0 so the HDD had to be loaded on port 1.

    Forward to today... My black Wii was damaged in a move and was a total loss. I have recently bought another Wii but opted for an older white Wii to get support for burned disks. I softmodded the Wii several months ago (don't remember the exact tutorial I followed now though. Damned ADD). I was able to get all my other games to work fine and I had backups off all my VC and Wiiware so I was able to get my system back working pretty much the way I used to have it. Then I hit a snag. USB Loader GX was loading the HDD plugged into port 0 as USB1 but operating normally otherwise. Even setting it to use both ports plugging the HDD into port 1 would result in the drive not being found. WiiExplorer confirmed the port was working however since HDD plugged into the ports would be listed as USB2. While odd it didn't really seem to prevent me from doing anything so I ignored it for a while. Then my daughter tried to play her Sing It game. The microphone would not be recognized in either USB port. I plugged it into my computer to verify it still worked... it does. I am assuming that this is because one or more of the ciOSs I have loaded are incorrect or missing, but I don't know enough to really troubleshoot that myself very well although I am thinking it might have to do with the base they are installed under.

    Any help with getting this resolved would be greatly appreciated.

    Model: RVL-001(USA)
    Using 4.3U

  2. Cyan

    Cyan GBATemp's lurking knight

    Global Moderator
    Oct 27, 2002
    Engine room, learning
    USB1 means the first mounted partition (not the first port)
    USB2 means the second mounted partition (you probably have two partitions if a homebrew finds and mount a partition as USB2)
    I don't think something wrong about it.

    If you want to support Port1, you need to use a cIOS compatible with port1 :
    Hermes cIOS v4 or v5.1 (usually installed in slot 222 and 223)
    d2x cIOS v9 beta (nobody use this one anymore)
    d2x cIOS v10-alt (everybody use this one).

    Based on your syscheck, I can see that you don't have Hermes cIOS installed. Nintendo installed fake (stub) IOS instead to prevent you from using these slot, but you can still replace them if you want. Stub is more like "default/inactive".
    the slot 236 is fine.
    The slot 249 doesn't have information except the version (65535) but I suppose it is cIOS revision 20, because that's the one you have in slot 250.
    When you install old cIOS using waninkoko installer, it installs in duplicate in both slot 249 and 250.

    so, here you are:

    Existing cIOS you can install:
    Hermes type: (all of them support Port1, and are good for musical games)

    Waninkoko type:
    cIOS rev17
    cIOS rev18
    cIOS rev19
    cIOS rev20 <-- You currently have this one
    cIOS rev21
    cIOS rev21 d2x v1
    cIOS rev21 d2x v2
    cIOS rev21 d2x v3
    cIOS rev21 d2x v4
    cIOS rev21 d2x v5
    cIOS rev21 d2x v6
    cIOS rev21 d2x v7
    cIOS rev21 d2x v8 <-- Latest stable
    cIOS rev21 d2x v9 beta 49 (Supports Port1)
    cIOS rev21 d2x v10 beta 52 (Does not support Port1, supposedly better EmuNAND support than v10-alt)
    cIOS rev21 d2x v10-alt beta 53 <-- latest release. (Supports Port1 and plug and play USB device), marked as beta, but users don't have issues on Wii. (On vWii there are issues with Port1 support)

    What you can do:
    - install Hermes cIOS v4 base 38+37 in slot222 and v5.1 base 57 in slot 223. (you can try other base, like 60 if you want)
    - install d2x cIOS v10-alt with a base 56 and 57 in slot 249 and 250.
    Use the slot 249 by default for all your games, problematic games you can set the setting to use slot250.
    If music games don't work with either slot249 or 250, you can use 222 or 223.
    If you play a lot of channels (wiiware and virtual console) from emuNAND, you can install v10 (non alt) in slot249, and use slot250 for music game only.

    now you should have this:
  3. MoomanFL

    MoomanFL Newbie

    Mar 15, 2015
    United States
    Wow! Thanks Cyan. I wasn't expecting such a detailed and helpful answer. Incidentally, right after posting this thread I had been reading up on something that I thought was unrelated and wound up realizing I would probably need Hermes or d2x and had downloaded Hermes v5.1 and d2x v10 (but not v10-alt). I wasn't sure what exactly I should install from them or where, but you have cleared that up.

    Incidentally, just for the knowledge: Why Hermes v4 in slot 222 and v5.1 in slot 223? Is there a particular benefit to one version over the other in particular slots?
  4. Cyan

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    Oct 27, 2002
    Engine room, learning
    I always prefer to teach the users how things work and let them understand what they are doing, instead of stupidly following a guide.
    I could have tell you "install d2x v10", it works but you wouldn't know why.

    It's so long to type everything again each time a user ask for help :lol:
    Educating other users has the advantage that they can help other users at their turn.

    I don't remember why it's better to use v4 instead of 5.1 (latest is not always better), but I told you to install both to test them as see by yourself which one is better.
    For Hermes cIOS type, you can choose any slot number you want in the 22x range (usually, 222, 223 and 224 are used to install hermes cIOS)
    there's no slot number benefit, you can switch them like you want.
    What's important is that you remember what you install, and where. (the cIOS type, it's IOS base, and the slot)

    If you decide to install Hermes cIOS v4 with base37+38 in slot225, just remember that you have to set the loader to use slot225 for your music games ;)
    I picked the base and slot based on common practice.
    users usually install hermes in 222/223/224, waninkoko in 249/250

    but you can also install waninkoko cIOS in 246/247 instead.
    246 with base56, why not...
    just remember what you do.

    Look in my signature, I keep my Wii's slot to remember what I have installed. it's an "uncommon" setup, but I like to keep the old rev17 for testing and emuNAND purpose.
    keeping rev17 in slot249 allows old homebrew relying on this cIOS to still work.
    New homebrew are now allowing slot selection by the user, or not even using cIOS at all.

    newby users often say "I have 249" when asking which cIOS they are using.
    well, 249 can hold anything, it's not useful to tell the slot number only.
    I have 215 ! yeahhh I'm so happy
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  5. MoomanFL

    MoomanFL Newbie

    Mar 15, 2015
    United States
    Excellent! I surely understand more now than I did yesterday. I may have further questions as I go along, but your explanation has helped quite a bit.
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