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    well... i've been trying to play pokemon white (english and japanese) on my r4 sdhc (i think it's a clone or a strange type) revolution form the
    ok i've tried EVERY FUCKING THING!!! WAIO,ONE THOUSAND PATCHES, WOOD R4 DLDI. and always finish in shit [​IMG]

    i`m using ysmenu with dstt version 6.32 on a r4 sdhc revolution ultra

    1-r4 normal loader= nothing, white screen
    2- ysmenu= errcode -4
    3-ysmenu with a ysmenu patch and infolib for pokemon white= errcode -5
    4-waio/woodr4/wood acekard/woodd modded= don`t boot or stop working after the "letter selection" (english or kanji in patched version and the other in original)
    5-waio --> woodr4dldi 64M/32/16/8/4/2= i think don`t even boot
    6-waio --> woodr4dldi 1M/512kbts/etc..= work until the name selection!!!! (rly strange)
    7- everything from 1 to 7 on various format kinds= same thing (if i put less alocation to memory the whole r4 goes slow, if i put the max it`s ok, but still don`t run pokemon white)
    8- you should be thinking, "well just try the black version!" bang! same thing with the black version...
    9- if i put a save from computer to r4 the game just acts like there is no save game (don't need to explain the convertion and etc... i already know)
    10-i dunno if that's so important but my sd card is a kingston 1gb, i also have another with 2 gb, but in the 2gb i get a lot of errors and slowdowns in games (i've exactly the same thing and format on both cards)
    11- i've tryed the rudolph patch, the r4sdhc patch, the dsencrypt (i think thats the name),dslazy own file mod,the patch that is with the english translation
    12- i dont think its the card because i'm playing pokemon ranger (the new one), okamiden (sooo cool, butt hard to understand in jap) and final fantasy the four heroes of the light (quite boring...) without any patch only updated infolib,extlib and savlib
    13 i've found a japanese patch in a japanese site (I use the perapera-kun plugin for firefox to read japanese) and the patch name is rakurakupatch, it didn't i'm trying a mix of everything, the rakurakupatch+rudolph+exp+noap+english+dslazy change arm7+ysmenu booting waio booting woodr4dldi
    14 RESULT= same fucking name crash
    anyone who didn`t get the game to work send me a pm with your email and i`ll try to fix it for you
    16 well i`ve been playing and no crashes BUT I CAN`T SAVE! DAMMIT!
    17 I can save with a strange game that appeared in the main menu, the character name is in japanese ¬¬ i don't wanna to have my name sushi;sashimi or arigatou! i wanna a new game with my name.... looks like i'll have to use this save with japanese name and maybe later when they launch a save editor for this version i'll change the name (and add a charmander :3)
    18 am i the only one who thinks that the battle is quite... boring, maybe a little faster would be fine

    for those morons who are telling this is becoming a blog, well i don't give a fuck and this isn't like a blog is more like a guide for those who are passing trought the same thing i'm passing, because some fucking retarded users don't do a topic that fix everything or edit a topic with more information so people like me have to spend more than one week searching for a fucking patch to make a fucking game to work u get it, it's like Spenstar he made a topic with some kind of translation and a patch, but that fucking patch didn't worked for a lot of people, so another person made a topic to fix it on a r4, but it's the same shit, so another person made a topic for r4 SDHC, but it's the same shit and at least some body made a post for ysmenu on a r4, i mean to figure out how to make this shitty game work i would have to read 5 topic (at least) and figure out all by myself doing experiences!!!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE TOPIC, OK WILL CHANGE IT TOMORROW (MAYBE AFTER BECAUSE TOMORROW I'M ON UNIVERSITY ¬¬) I'VE STARTED CHANGIN IT NOW OK STUPPID CRYBABIES AND WILL ERASE ALL THE PREVIOUS THING SO ANYONE WHO TRY TO FIX AT THE SAME WAY I DID WILL HAVE TO SPEND A LOT OF TIME OK
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    im so confused? so it worked now?
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    This looks more like a blog to me >_>
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    This is turning from a help thread into a blog. Make it clear whether you fixed the problem. Also, there's a bunch of other threads to post your problems.
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    Agreed! Next time try to post less info. [​IMG]

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