Castlevania POR help!

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    May 4, 2007
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    Can anyone explain to me what the stats do in a bit more detail for Castlevania POR as this is the most thing I have found:

    ATK is attack, which governs how much damage you deal to enemies with a normal attack.
    DEF is defense, which determines how much damage you take.
    STR is strength, which affects your ATK power.
    CON is consitution power, which affects your DEF power.
    INT is intelligince, which determines the power of your spells.
    MND is mind, which is your magic defense.
    LCK is luck, which affects how often enemies drop rare items.

    From what I figured out on DOS when you increased your CON it actually increased your health, and increasing STR was pretty pointless as it only increased ATK slightly and ATK is what actually caused physical damage.
    How does the health system work now, as when I equip a CON increasing item it doesnt change the amount of health at all, and how does it work out when Charlotte has less CON as they share the same bar?!?!?!
    Also does ATK do anything for Charlotte, as her attacks (Ones I have used so far) are all magic.
    Hope someone can explain this a bit better too me, as I cant figure out which items to buy/use!