Cartoon-styled point-and-click adventure game 'Lost In Play' announced

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Indie developer Happy Juice announced their upcoming Saturday morning cartoon-inspired title Lost in Play today. It is a feel-good point-and-click adventure game involving a brother-sister duo exploring dreamscapes and befriending magical creatures as they solve puzzles in an attempt to make their way home.

Inspired by modern-day cartoons meant for children and adults as well as paying homage to Saturday morning cartoons, Lost in Play recaptures the spirit of play from our youth, when every sunny afternoon after school was spent adventuring in the backyard or gallivanting around the local park, casting an investigative eye over anything remotely out of the ordinary.

Lost in Play delivers a feel-good adventure where a brother and sister explore dreamscapes and befriend magical creatures. Lost in their imagination, siblings Toto and Gal must work together to solve puzzles and make their way back home. It’s a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly 2D adventure designed to rekindle a spirit of nostalgia amongst players.

Features of Lost in Play include:
  • A mysterious animated puzzle adventure with amazing, cartoon-style visuals.
  • Magical and magnificent creatures throughout.
  • No text or dialogue - everything is communicated visually in an endearingly universal way.
  • Inspiration from TV shows such as Gravity Falls, Hilda, and Over the Garden Wall.
  • Take part in a variety of uniquely creative activities; Play cards with goblins, create a dragon, and teach a sheep how to fly.
  • More than 30 unique puzzles and mini-games.
Lost In Play will launch on Nintendo Switch and Steam later this Summer for $19.99/€17.99/£15.49.

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