Can't use 2GB+ SD cards for cheating in CFG Loader

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    So, I recently created a thread about SSBB hacking in order to properly use custom textures and music and on the second to last post made, one of the users I spoke with stated that I could use anywhere from 1 to 32GB when I use Gecko OS codes via CFG USB loader. This is a flat-out lie, as custom hacks do not load no matter what settings/configuration I use. The folders in question (private, codes, etc) are all structured properly, the custom textures and music are all arranged properly, yet, when I use either CFG USB Loader or USB Loader GX, and load the game, neither of the files hacked take effect. The funny thing is, I was told that >2GB SD cards could be used for cheats, but what I'm seeing after loading the game all the more proves how false this information is.

    What am I doing wrong? Why aren't the codes taking effect?

    With CFG, the code(s) and private folder are loaded of the the SD card
    With USB Loader GX, it tells me that the USB HDD has to have a directory called "USB:\codes\RSBE01.gct" in order for the game to load the SSBB codes.

    I followed BOTH of these folder structures. Nothing. Did someone spout BS to me or what?

    Is there no way to bypass the asinine 2GB SD card limit for Brawl?

    The reason I ask is I use the 8GB SDHC card for Snes9xGx (to bypass random HDD crash) and the HDD for everything else. I want these devices constantly plugged in and not have to switch back and forth between the 2GB and 8GB SD cards.

    Source -, post #4

    I'm not trying to cause contention, I just want a straight answer.