Cant seem to fix the Black Screen No Beeping issue

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    Feb 16, 2015
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    Hello guys, so lets get to the point.

    A friend of mine gave me his Xbox One with the "It does not work" phrase., i told him, why it does not work? he told me, well, i turn it on, then it gives like no signal.

    So hands to work, i downloaded OSUDT1, OSUDT2, OSUDT3, and also Factory Reset files from the Offline System Update Diagnostic Tool and here we go, Formatted the USB drive to NTSF, and started with the OSUDT1, put the USB drive into the console, then pressed and hold "Bind" + "Eject" right after turning the console ON.

    There are no Beeps that sounds, not even once, just one from turning the Xbox ON.

    Holding "Bind" + "Eject" without turning the console ON, does not trigger any beep, just the sound from the eject button.

    Holding "Power" + "Eject" triggers "Sometimes Several Beeps" but do not trigger the OSUDT1 2 nor 3.

    Holding "Power" + "Eject" triggers, manage to trigger something on the screen, a black screen, it does give signal this time, but just a black screen because my TV stop displaying "No Signal" and displays a 720p on the upper right.

    Holding "Power" + "Eject" + "Bind" do not trigger anything, just the sound from the eject or the turning on sound 1 time.

    When pressing the "Power" + "Eject", and holding it for a few seconds,the console starts beeping really weird, sometimes after several minutes "3 minutes" kind off, it displays the Green Screen, but it gets stuck on it, with the loading animation, leave it there already 8 hours, and nothing.

    So im nowhere near to know whats the issue, however I've read, that it might be the HDD, but its weird that the console does not make the beep when pressing the right buttons. can anyone lend me a hand?
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    When I first bought mine it had a black screen. Also I bought mine new but the hard drive was already inserted. I thought great someone already had this and broke it and sent it back to the store. (probably was the case) Anyway, I pulled the hard drive and re inserted it and it came to life.
    If you haven't already done this I would give it a go. Also you may want to try holding the power button for 5 seconds after that continue holding the power but reach back and unplug the power brick from the console. Continue holding the button and plug in and unplug the power about 5 times.
    Maybe if that doesn't work try a new hdmi cable or using the alternative video cables.

    Oh yeah, just to be sure you are connected to the hdmi out on the console correct? (it has an hdmi in as well for connecting another device to be ran through the xbox)