Can't find cheat support for luma3ds, need a little direction.

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    ya mutha
    Been out of the game for a while and a buddy sold me his already modded New 3ds XL, and from what i can see this is the setup so far.

    EmuNand has: Emu 11.0.00-33U With Luma3ds with a bunch of Homebrew which i think i know most of.

    SysNand is at 9.2 and im able to install My old 3ds game back ups after i converted them over to CIA (dont know if i had to do that i just did it because i think you do)

    I just backed up my version of Monster Hunter Generations without carrying all of the extra games i have.
    ive put in tons of hours and i am a natural born cheater on games because thats what keeps things interesting for me personally. What options do I have to add cheats. i know there is a MHX/MHG save editor but I read a couple things on real time pokes for updating addresses.

    Sorry if i was kind of vague if you need more information to be able to help me i would gladly figure out specifically what you need to know to do so, kinda just going in circles and i dont want to install any old files that are obsolete and brick this.
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    Well there is BootNTR / NTR CFW which allows in game cheats, but I don't think there is one for MHG yet.
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