Can't acces REAL TIME (save) menu in some TAITO games (Space Bust-A-Move)

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    May 15, 2004
    Hi , I love the DSTWO PLUS card and it works great.

    Every game until now works great with the HOTKEYS, I can access the "REAL-TIME DSTWO+" menu anytime and do what i need to do.

    Recently I encountered 2 games that DO work PERFECT!

    BUT when I use my "hot keys" while playing the game to access the real time menu , it does NOT open the menu!

    0144 - Puzzle Bobble DS (J)(ProjectG)
    4144 - Puzzle Bobble Galaxy (EU)(M5)(Independent)
    (and also Space Bust-A-Move (US)(M5)(Venom )

    (It does create the dtc and sav files on my micro sd card!!)

    The weird thing is that with this game (also a TAITO game) :

    Bust-A-Move DS (E)(Trashman) (and US version)

    it DOES work and I CAN access the REAL TIME DSTWO menu just fine

    I really want to fix this! What could this be? How can i make it work?

    The roms play fine, only the real time menu does NOT open when i use my HOTKEYS in these games.

    Thanks in advance!!
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