Can Nintendo tell which game a header is from?

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    With all these people getting banned for using public headers, I've been wondering,
    a) Can Nintendo ban people from using private headers from different games?
    b) Can Nintendo tell when a header has been used on more than one game, even from the same console?

    I mean, the only reason ever to not use the header that came on the rom is piracy, and people who pirate generally don't own the game they are pirating. So people who play online with pirated roms end up using headers from their other, preferably offline only games. But what if something in the header of offline only games tells Nintendo something is wrong? Or what if the ID for the game, or information about the card type or w/e is in the header, and that tips Nintendo off? If somebody uses the same private header for all their .3dzs (which is stupid I know, but someone might forget and reuse a header) can Nintendo pull up an archive of use of that header online, and see that this header that was used for Mario Kart a year ago is now used for Smash Bros, even though the header is coming from the same console?

    Ugh. So many questions.
  2. cearp

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    maybe, how do we know?

    -- and why is it stupid? "If somebody uses the same private header for all their .3dzs (which is stupid I know, but someone might forget and reuse a header)"
  3. Xzi

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    A. We don't know. Zero bans for people using private headers online so far.
    B. We don't know.
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  5. StriderVM

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    Jan 16, 2015
    a) In theory yes.

    b) In theory yes.

    Since the header as well as other 3DS info gets sent to Nintendo, it is possible for Nintendo to do it. However, the main issue is the massive number of 3DS users. This is also probably why it seems that the current banning right now seems to stem to using public headers, it is a lot easier for Nintendo to just tag 3DS users which uses the same public headers.

    It's kinda similar to how the IRS tried to find tax evaders, they just cannot check every receipt from every business they would take forever and a half to do it, so they usually do the second best, trying to see disrepancies in regards to business owners and suppliers.
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    How could anyone answer that unless they worked at nintendo?
  7. satanicangel

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    Mar 15, 2010
    a) Yes, depends on whether they want or not
    b) Yes, because the header contain the information of the game

    Source: My dad works in Nintendo

    NAH just kidding. However I think probably no one will know a guaranteed answer for those 2 questions, which I am also very interested to find out.
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    Can confirm, my dad works for Zelda.
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    My dad is zelda but he would prefer to wait until Olympic Decathlon winner Bruce Jenner makes his announcement before he says anything official.
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