Can I transfer my data from an emuNAND on Old 3DS XL to another emuNAND on New 3DS XL?

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  1. Chuardo

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    Oct 4, 2015
    Well, I want to buy a New 3DS XL and I currently have an Old 3DS XL with an emuNAND on Gateway at 10.3
    If I buy a New 3DS XL and use emuNAND on it, Can I do a System Transfer of my data on my old emunand on 10.5 to my new emunand on 10.5? I have games from other regions and not every cia is legit.

    If I can't do the System Transfer, I was thinking on making a bakcup of every save on SaveDataFiler and restore them on my New 3DS, and then re install every cia on the new Console again. That is possible, right?