Can I transfer emunand to a target 3ds for system transfer?

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  1. XRaTiX

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    Apr 19, 2016
    I'm looking to do a dsiware downgrade on a stock 11.0 3ds,my 3ds have A9LH and Luma already,I read in the plaitec guide that you need to do a backup in your sysnand to restore your nand when you finish your transfer...

    But what if I only create an emunand with a nnid that i don't care (or if the other person want it can keep it) and transfer that to the target 3ds? so in that way I don't really need to worry about my sysnand to recover via backup and anything...

    Or there is a problem in a emunand to do a system transfer? Maybe i missing something,can you guys tell me?

    Thanks in advance.