Hardware Others Can Dreamcast GDEMU and SDcard reader work together?


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Mar 13, 2014
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So I've got one of these:

And one of these:

Both work fine on their own. Before installing the GDEMU, I used the SDcard reader to rip .gdi images from the Dreamcast discs I own to later use on the GDEMU (because piracy is bad, m'kay?). I can load DreamShell from the GDEMU menu, but now DreamShell skips this screen:

, apparently choosing to load from CD without user input. DreamShell then works as intended EXCEPT for any function that could access the SDcard is grayed out as if the serial port is disabled..

Is that the issue, is the GDEMU disabling the serial port? Is there some secret setting to re-enable it, or is this a hardware-level bug that can't be fixed?

And before anyone asks "What use could you have for teh SDcard reader now that you have GDEMU?": I have a large collection of Dreamcast homebrew optimized for the SDcard reader, in .iso format. (I WILL find that last jellybean in Polyko one of these days...) Rather than re-dowloading the CD versions or converting them all to .gdi manually, I'd like to keep the option to boot them from the SDcard reader through DreamShell. This would be a much faster option for any new homebrew I come across as well, rather than having to put it on my GDEMU's SDcard and rebuild the directory with GDMENU.
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