Building Mini Street Fighter Alpha 3 Cabinet

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    Jul 27, 2011
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    Hello all-- this is my first post here. Seems that this forum would be probably my best bet in getting help for my issue.

    I'm building a mini Street Fighter Alpha 3 arcade cabinet that will utilize a GBA SP (AGS-101) and the fantastic GBA port of Street Fighter Alpha 3. This project combines 3 loves of mine: small electronics, arcades, and Street Fighter.

    The project has been going well, except I have hit a minor snag that you guys might be able to help me with. The GBA port of SFA3 utilizes the four buttons (a=strong kick, b=strong punch, l=weak punch, r=weak kick) in a manner that essentially makes the GBA seem to have 6 buttons-- the player can press a+r or b+l in order to produce medium kick and medium punch buttons, respectively.

    I figured that I would be able to wire up the buttons so that I could have 6 buttons on this cabinet just like the real SF arcades do-- have 4 regular buttons, and then 2 buttons that would essentially activate two of the GBA's buttons at the same time.

    I wired it up, and well, it seems to actually duplicate my buttons, essentially turning 2 buttons into the same button-- the exact opposite of what I was trying to achieve, hahah.

    I am hopefully wording this correctly-- it is sort of an obscure problem... if I put this in the wrong place, I apologize. Any comments or links to point me in the right direction would be phenomenal. Thanks for any help you guys are willing to give me!!

    - Falciase
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    Apr 20, 2011
    Maybe if you could add some pictures of your setup some one could help you further.. it's hard to tell what's wrong with no visual aid [​IMG]