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Nov 12, 2019
Hello there !

I have plan to turn my wii into a Wii + GC + arcade machine and as I progress in this project I am now planning to cannibalized 2 old GameCube Controllers PCB in prder to turn them into 2 arcade sticks !

The goal is as follow
  • The arcade sticks must be in a box removable from the arcade machine so I can bring it anywhere like a GC controller
  • It must map as many GC button as possible to have maximum playability with all games
  • Two of these should fit in front of my arcade CRT to play a 2 player round of Street Fighter II
  • Bonus point if I can add "1Player" and "2Players" buttons on controller 1
If it succeed It might also be usefull for playing arcade on PC or Switch with the GC->USB adaptater (It is just a GC controller with bigger buttons after all)

There is the layout I thought about (it is at real scale for A4 paper, but the placement is still approximative as I do not have the dimension of my CRT yet). I put nearly everything from the original controller except for the potentiometers in L and R stick (the L and R buttons below are wired to the L and R button when you press the L and R trigger all the way, not to the potentiometers)

What do you think of it ?
Have you already done something similar ?
Would you have go for a different button positionment ?
What do you think about the d-pad with x and y button ? (I know, I need 8 of these and 2 controllers make only four, but I have other corpses lying somewhere in a box :evil:)
I'll have to find a way to put spring and electronic press button underneath them if I go for it :/

Edit : And also do you think of a way I can add the rumble motor to the joystick ? It would be a nice addition

For those who wonders, the analogue arcade joystick is made like the one in this video :
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