BT controller options for Droid X2

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    Alright, so I got a Milestone X2 Android cell phone a little while ago and have since been playing with emulation capabilities. I've had no problems so far with setting emulation of it up, and have full PSX and everything going. What's more, I have a cable for the HDMI port in order to mirror it to my TV. With all of this out of the way, I'm looking for options to control the emulators with a bluetooth controller and have unfortunately hit a slump. I have both PS3 and Wii controllers at my disposal, but from what I understand, PS3 won't work without root, which I can't do right now because I am with alltel on firwmare 2.3.6, which has no permanent root options as of yet. Therefore, I'm left with the Wi controllersi, but am having some issues. I can connect the wii remotes to the system and it will read input from them, but for some reason or another, they won't have their inputs read by the emulators, and I've no idea why. Supposedly it has something to do with how the input is interpreted on my 2.3.6 firmware.Therefore, in a tl;dr; does anybody know what I can do to get either Wii or PS3 controllers working on my Milestone X2 or what 3rd party adapters I would have to buy?