BSoD after Hardmod on N3DS (non-XL)

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    Jul 17, 2016
    Hey all, I'm in desperate need of help!
    I just performed a hardmod on my system. I got my computer to read my nand okay and I made multiple backups of it, checked the size and hex of them and all was good and matching up. So I used the guide to downgrade it to 10.4, reflashed it on my system but now after I have de-soldered the wires I am still getting BSoD error.
    BOOTROM 8046
    ERRCODE: 02F800FE
    00000000 00000000
    00000400 00000000

    Any help would be appreciated a lot.
    Ive attached images of my board. My CLK looks a bit messy and where I grounded I ended up pulling some of the plastic off the board. After failing on the CLK from the side with DAT0 I ended up connecting it at the alternate point on the other side of the board. FYI it's a New 3DS (non-XL).

    EDIT (Fixed): I put some solder blobs on the CLK and GND points and it worked!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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