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    Jan 24, 2008

    I recently purchased a black DS Lite (from GAME in Australia, opted not to get their store warranty for $20 more or something) and after a few hours it developed a bright green 'stuck' pixel. The pixel wasn't a big deal and I got over it (and even if I wanted to return it on warranty, it sometimes disappears for 20-30 minutes then returns, if I'm unlucky enough they'll find it 'defect free' and send it back..)

    But then I tried wifi games. I can join games with others, but in some cases the game becomes laggier (Mario Kart DS and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl in the explorer minigame are two such cases). In most cases this works though. I cannot host games for most games, Mario Kart DS works if I host but everyone gets 1 bar reception and lags, for Bomberman it doesnt work at all for download play.

    The final straw came today when I tried to get online for Days of Ruin multiplayer WFC. My DS does not connect to the WFC for ANY GAME. It's not my router since we've got friends over (6 DS Lites) and only mine cannot connect. It has the error code 52100 on every WFC game, either running off my CycloDS or my original game carts. Strangely I can use the DSOrganize browser, however it drops out within 2-3 minutes.

    Anyhow, so I'm curious as to what I should do - what's Nintendo's policy on dead pixels and repairs for my wifi problem? I have my original box with all parts and receipt from GAME.

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    Question: I don't know how it works in Australia, but was GAME's "store warranty" an extended warranty (i.e. longer than 1 year)? All DS's come with a free 1 year Nintendo warranty, so it is my understanding that GAME will honour the 1 year warranty for free, and the $20 would cover an extra year on top of that. (a quick look on their website seems to agree). Might be worth going in and checking that.

    In short, try taking it back to GAME for the wifi problem and see what happens.
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    Goto GAME in Aus. then ask for like a new DSL and tell them your problem. HOPEFULLY you will get a new ds w/e a dead pixel.
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    I agree virtually any good store in the world honors the 1 year Nintendo guarantee (unless you meet a picky employee then you will have to keep your foot between the door and insist they give you a new one because it's in the guarantee period).