Brand new Dsi XL wont recognise games

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    I bought a brand new DSI XL last month, it was great until this am when I inserted a game and the console did not play it, the button stated no game inserted even though the game was in the socket, I tried different games no response, I contacted nintendo and found out that it is not considered under warranty apparently because the warranty starts from when the retailer sells it,and presumably since I was not the primary buyer I was out of luck. They offered to repair it for $80, with shipping it will be $100 or so, that is a fair chunk of change for me, has any one had this problem, any suggestions on how to fix it would be appreciated
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    Edit: Whoops, didn't read correctly.

    I registered mine on Club Nintendo, and that added an extra 90 days on it's warranty. Maybe you can do that?
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    WTF??? It's when you buy the DS XL that warranty is started... And it's supposed to be for 2 years! WTFH!!!