Bottom screen repair (DS lite)

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    So my sister has a broken bottom screen (screen looks "crumpled" and no touch response), I was wondering how easy it would be to self repair and were can I buy the parts needed.


    Edit: This good?

    also I need tools to use to open it. So please provide link to those
  2. Sumea

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    Aug 16, 2008
    Yeah, those are good for the TFT, but as you may not know you also need a "touch module/digitizer" - The touch is actually made by it's own part that only is on the normal screen.
    and triwing screwdrivers...

    You also need small Pincers (or whatever) and a normal Philips screwdriver (small one)

    You need to be very good with your hands too though, but if you are, then it is not problem... much.

    Just watch the videos... As long as the upper screen is all OK, you are on safe waters. Just be sure to study the video. The ribbon lock for the touch screen is hard, you need a tootpick/a semi sharp small thing to open it carefully, doing that with hand for the touch module lock may break it (the normal TFT screen cable locks are openable with fingernails... just not too much force)

    That is all (also, if it is only lower screen, look up just the lower TFT)

    OH ALSO, since those do not have anything like it, search around for some tape that DOES NOT conduct electricity. If you put the slab of metal against the motherboard just like that you will break things (i used electrician's tape I had around)