Bored so made me a rant on what's new.


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Dec 18, 2008
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Well with all the things going around on gbatemp and me getting 1500 posts.
I decided to make this blog post.

Anyways I'm going to rant a little on the supercard dstwo and some other stuff. Really dstwo now? That is a terrible name then again they couldn't put ds one i again could they. All those promised features would probably put it on the AK RPG price or Cyclo price in the end. I guess it is worth it but I'll decide when I can see the new gui since well I hate the original gui. Moonshell 1.41 (I think) is really outdated and if they really are the makers of the iPlayer (which I kinda believe anyways) they should have a good one. Then again with all that cluttered stuff they put in the supercard ds one gui maybe not. I didn't like the gui of the first one because so much stuff blocking the top, cheat system was just plain shit, I hate there rtg as well since I don't like biggish white letters on a black background. Hopefully they change the rtg at least since I already know they are changing the cheat system to the standard that is made today. I wish the supercard team becomes more active with the new release of their new card then again when they put out the ds one i they didn't. Personally I would buy it still but eh I wonder if they will still support the ds one. Even if you say they still support their old carts they don't support it very well do they? Eh and then there is the DSi LL which is confirmed to have flashcarts working on it. I would so love one to use just with the iPlayer to watch videos, but I rather get a normal dsi.

  • I got 1500 posts today.
  • I would like to buy a supercard dstwo and so do others.
  • Hopefully the supercard team becomes more active.
  • I hope they change the ugly rtg with biggish white letters and black background.
  • The price will probably be around the RPG or Cyclo.
  • Hurray the cheat system and gui is being changed!
  • Hopefully it isn't cluttered.
  • DS one gui sucks.
  • DSi LL doesn't look bad and if I had an iPlayer I would love to watch movies on that.
Well that's all for now.

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