Bluray Drive problems

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    Oct 19, 2006
    Im having a few issues with my bluray drive, the issue mainly being is that it barely ever reads the drive itself. I have a PS3 Phat CECHJ-03

    I only own one legit game final fantasy xiii and I have issues with this as the drive barely ever reads the disk. At first I thought it was the lens was on its way out so I went out of my way and bought a new lens, which I replaced and things were fine for a little while and then it stopped reading again, after about 2 weeks.

    I've read loads of things saying this may be a issue with CFW, so stupidly I went back to 3.55 and this ended up wiping my 1tb internal hard drive and 70 games with it, silly me and all for nothing as the drive still didn't show.

    As I said it will read the game every now and again but then I go and load up some form of homebrew and its gone again.

    Any ideas anyone on how I can solve this, i'm currently on Habib 4.75