black ops update need to get new shop shannel HELP

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  1. owerlord

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    Aug 2, 2009
    Im on 4.1E wii softmodded waninkokos rev20b
    I have never accessed to shopchannel, the game tels me there is a update on wiishop

    I go to wiishop channel but then it tells me i neet to accep the wii network servise agreement. DOES it mess my wii with an update if i accep it?

    if just this wont help what do i need to do, to update my wii shopchannel to get it to work?

    I have been told that this medhod helps
    latest bootmii, and i have wads IOS56 and cIOS249v20[56] why do i need the two of em? aint one the channel update? : o

    where do i get wad manager and are they hard to install? : O
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    Aug 11, 2009
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    follow that guide to get those two down.
    i heard that you at least needed to go to the wii shop channel once

    agree to the wii network agreement. just don't update when it asks. also turn on wiiconnect24. its the wii's connection service. btw when the wii goes to yellow, wiiconnect24 does some stuff to connect to the network, check out stuff, and such BUT it won't update automatically or anything

    Edit: btw try to reply if it works