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    Aug 12, 2014
    Hello everyone,
    Recently I decided to take a look at the NDS version of Bionicle Heroes game. I've made a script that can import the 3d models from the PC version and I was curious if the same format is used in the DS verson.

    I managed to get to the contents of the ROM using the CrystalTile2 and found two files that supposedly are the main archives - rom.bin and SoundData.rom. I managed to make a simple QuickBMS script to extract the rom.bin file. It contains .bca, .bta and .dat files. I couldn't figure out what to use to open the first two formats.
    As for the .dat files, they appear to be compressed and seem to contain BMD0 (models as far as I know), BTX0 and some other files. Here is a picture of the headers of three .dat files:
    All .dat files seem to start with 0x60, the byte order BMD0/BTX0/etc string is reversed for some reason.

    Does anyone have thoughts on what are those .dat files and if it's possible to uncompress them? I never worked with the NDS games before and I would appreciate any help.