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    Aug 24, 2018
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    Hello everyone so today I am showing you something I've had for a while, had this built back in August but never really thought to release it, was just a fun project for me to brush up on my coding but I have noticed there aren't any elf loader and etc around. So here are the specs...

    • Payload Injecting
    • Elf Injecting
    • Process viewer
    • Detailed Process viewer
    • Peek & Poke with detailed Hex Info
    • Memory Dump
    • PS4 Reboot Button
    • FW 4.55 & 5.05 Support
    • IP File (You have to change the IP in the file to your PS4 IP)
    So if you guys would like me to release this I would be more than happy to do so. I'll just have to do a few things first but I'd like to see what you all think.
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