Best Wii Balance Board Games?

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    Recently got my hands on a Wii Balance Board, did some reading and got what i thought were the best games to use for it. Here is what i have:

    DDR Hottest Party 3 (Really fun using the balance board)
    DDR Music Fit (Japanese only release, has a few songs like a trance remake of Its A Small World, really like it)
    EA Sports Active: More Workouts (Snorefest, hated it)
    Shaun White Snowboarding World Stage (Really fun, recommend it)
    Super Monkey Ball - Step and Roll (Trash, basically unplayable and gives you a crazy headache, awful)
    Walk It Out (I liked it because its simple and good music selection, more for exercise then gaming)
    Wii Ski And Snowboarding (Its ok, but nothing special, and very boring. Not recommended)
    Wii Fit Plus (Great, but thats obvious)

    Thats basically the best ones i thought looking at the release lists. Is there anything else i am missing thats worth a look? I want more game stuff rather then workout stuff, if that makes sense. I dont want to try out say Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum or whatever, Wii Fit is fine for that type of activity.

    Also, no Wiiware games, not interested in those since you cannot load them up in the USB Loader. Just full retail releases.
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    Punch out is pretty good...but I have to admit I went back to nunckhuk+wiimote after a few rounds: the balance board monitors just "on" or "off" for left or right. So either you dodge or you don't...shifting your weight just a little bit won't dodge a little.

    Kororinpa 2 (PAL name: marble balance challenge) also has about 100 levels you can use the wiimote on. If you like the marble game in wii fit, you're certainly going to like it (just don't pay attention to the awfully overdone kiddy-look).

    I know tetris party is a wiiware title (wiiware titles actually CAN be loaded through USB just takes a whole hassle to set it up correctly), but I guess the upcoming tetris deluxe will also feature that wiiboard option (haven't tried that one).

    Still...Shaun white is the best game for it. [​IMG] (I have road trip, but I guess world stage builds nicely upon it [​IMG] ).
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    Raving Rabbits 3?