Best way to setup CFW and emuMMC on a clean iPatched switch ver 4.1.0

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    My brother recently bought his own switch and he didn't realize its a patched unit BUT luckily its on ver 4.1.0. I setup Atmosphere on my own Switch about 2 months ago so I'm not a complete noob to this but reading about how easily brickable the iPatched Switches can be, I'm kind of scared to go through this without proper guidance. I see that some of the sites have guides (, NH Switch guide) for setting up emuMMC but only on the unpatched versions.

    So my question is, does anyone have a method/guide to setup Caffeine/CFW + emuMMC and updating it with ChoiDujourNX to the latest while also keeping his sysMMC clean and 4.1.0? Not sure if I should setup CFW first or emuMMC, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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    Setting up emuMMC on an ipatched unit can be trick and tiring indeed.
    Because for one, you'll have to boot Caffeine through the sysNAND thus leaving traces of CFW
    I'd suggest you to set up emuMMC but don't turn autoRCM on in any given circumstance.
    To make things simple change themes so that your emuMMC and sysNAND won't have the same one, thus making it easier to distinguish between them.
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  4. Blootie

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    Finally had some time this morning and got around to it and it works perfectly. Thank you to the two people who did reply :]

    For anyone else who has the questions or trying to get similar up and running, you can follow these steps. Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you don't properly read these and skip steps and ultimately brick your Switch. Please read everything 4 times before attempting and please ask if you are ever stuck on any step before attempting anything else. Its always better to be safe than sorry.
    1. Get a large SD card, I suggest 64gb+, to make your life easy.
    2. Download Minitool Partition Wizard
    3. Follow this part of this guide
    4. Read and then follow this guide
    5. Once you get up to the step "After Setup (Caffeine)", launch back into Hekate and then follow this, just the very top part where it says "Making the emuMMC".
    6. Launch CFW but emuMMC version and set your theme to your preferred color (black or white) and confirm that you are in CFW in the settings under "system", it should say Atm with ver# and "|E" next to it I believe, for emuMMC. Turn off your Switch completely and power back into your sysMMC and set your theme to the opposite, as user NoNAND suggested, so you can easily tell when you're in CFW or not.
    7. Lastly, download ChoidujourNX and the most recent firmware you would like to use. Set it up as explained here and make sure you launch your CFW emuMMC before going into ChoudujourNX. Finish following the guide and you should be on the most up to date version on your emuMMC while maintaining 4.x.x on your sysMMC, congrats!
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  5. crazydudearam

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    Sep 13, 2019
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    Thank you so much for the guide!

    So my understanding was that to be as safe as possible, we should do 3 things:
    • Minimize CFW footprint on sysNand
    • Set up an emuNand (dirty) for homebrew
    • Set up another emuNand (clean) for online play
    A few questions:
    1. How do we minimize the sysNand CFW footprint? (I'm guessing the best we can do is install minimal tools on the sysNand during the creation of emuNands and only run the emuNands)
    2. Is there any way to backup a clean Nand on an IPATCHED switch? (I'm under the impression that there isn't, unless when running the initial hack/backup tool, nothing is installed on the system yet?)
    3. How do we set up a 'clean' emuNand if we can't backup a clean Nand?
    4. Does setting the Ninty Blocking DNS apply per Nand? Or does setting it in one affect the others? (I'm guessing the former)
    5. Can we set up multiple clean/dirty emuNands? (I'm guessing this is just limited by the space available on the SD card?)
    6. How does the release of 9.0 (and the removal of cartridge loading with it) affect any of this? Do these processes never touch 9.0? There's no reason to have it installed anywhere yet, right? Also, does this mean we should have the blocking DNS set on all Nands?
    7. If/when we need to update an emuNand, I know that it's the bootloader burning fuses, but how do we ensure that the right bootloader will run (Hekate vs Real) during an update? (I'm not sure if I made any sense with this last one)
    Thanks again for your info! Sorry for all the questions. Switch noob here trying to get clarity :)
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  6. FrozenFrog

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    found a video here:
    the unit used in this video seemed to be an unpatched one, tho (serial XAW1004***)

    if I format the sd card in FAT32, how do I copy large files into it?
  7. onibaku

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    I think you can use Goldleaf for that. Also not sure how far youve come along by now but id follow this guide for setting up one or multiple emunands:

    You basically flash the backup of your sysnand to a partition or multiple partitions on your sd card. I didnt really like that video tutorial you posted, i felt that he didnt explain some crucial things about the ipatched switch (like the update super nag).
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