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    For those pirates out there, question for you:

    I’m trying to build a collection of digital games, as accurate as possible to what they look like in their original forms.

    Here it is how I’m doing so far. Any comments and suggestions on how to improve this will be much appreciated.

    NES: Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console is good enough for my taste
    SNES: RetroArch via Wii U and some Injections
    GB/GBC/GBA: RetroArch via Wii U and some Injections
    N64: I’m saving some money to buy a N64 console and the EverDrive 64
    PSX: I’m using ePSXe on laptop (Windows 10)
    PS2: I’m using PCSX2 on laptop (Windows 10)
    PSP: Not sure yet (I’m only interested in an option to play on the big screen thou)
    DS: Wii U Injections works great for all the games I wanted
    3DS: Some games via Citra on laptop (many unfortunately don’t run well enough thou)
    GameCube: Hacked vWii with Nintendont (I love you Nintendont)
    Wii: Hacked vWii
    Wii U: Hacked Wii U
    Xbox/Xbox 360/One: Can’t find a good way to emulate (no plans to buy those consoles so far)
    PS3: Can’t find a good way to emulate (no plans to buy the console so far)
    PS4: I'm stuck to "original games" while the gates of heaven are closed
    Switch: SX Pro
    Arcade/MAME: RetroArch via Wii U
    Dreamcast: not interested (sorry!)
    Genesis/Master System/anything older than that: RetroArch on Wii U
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    I forgot
    Retroarch isn't an emulator, it's a front end for emulators. There are a lot of different emus for those systems you simply listed as Retroarch, but which core you use can drastically change the emulation including compatibility, accuracy, enhancement options etc etc, so figuring out the best core for what you want for each console may be a good idea if you're making a list for yourself.

    For N64, in the meantime, the Mupen64 core on Retroarch should be good enough while you gather cash.

    As for PSP, PPSSPP is pretty much the only one, so use that. It's on both PC, has a Switch port, a Pi port, and is on Android as well so any of those will work ok, PC would be best if you want big screen though.

    Alternatively, you can buy a PSTV for cheapo which would give you PSP and Vita and PS1 games on TV with very little effort, just a quick hack, plug in a USB drive or get an SD2Vita adapter, and you'll have the above three on your TV, all of which play quite well on the Vita.

    For DS, I'd probably go with DraStic on Android personally over Wii U stuff. Best DS emu... basically of all available, its only downside TBH is being on Android (for the most part, it has a couple ports to rapsy Pi's and other stuff) only. But it will be going open source at some point, so ports to other devices will be possible which will be good.

    Alternatively, you could pick up a cheap 3ds, hack it, and use nds-boostrap. Will give you a way to play both 3DS and DS games, plus others if you want to dip into emulation on that.

    For the three MS consoles, just buy an Xbox One, it has backwards compatibility support with tons of 360 games and most good original Xbox games, so it's probably the best way to play all three. If you don't care for Xbox One games, or don't want to spend the money, 360s have pretty good BC with OG Xbox games so that's also something you could use. You can usually pick them up for like $20 in good condition. There are emulators for at least the OG and 360, but both still have very low compatibility and will require decent hardware either way.

    For PS3, RPCS3 is your only emulation option but you'll need a decent CPU, so it's basically console or nothing if you don't have the specs.
  3. gbablackrain

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    Aug 18, 2017
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    Those are great ideas, thanks for replying!

    I did not know about PSTV hacks. I will search more about it. PSX works pretty well on my laptop with ePSXe, but in this case I need to plug my laptop with HDMI cable to go big screen (small inconvenience).

    The only thing I don't agree with you is about the DS games. The Virtual Console Injections works really great with DS games (including build in VC Menu with real time save, button mapping and many screen options/swaps to play the DS games on TV and/or on the GamePad touchscreen simultaneously).
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