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    Aug 24, 2008
    Hello I didn't know where to post this but. What are the best disks to use to burn backups because the disks i'm using at the moment don't work and just keep returning the same error when inserted into the wii. For the record I'm using the wiikey 2.
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    With a ModChip you should be able to use any DVD cheap or not, the thing might be burning at a lower speed, better to use ImgBurn and set the speed as AWS (AutoWrittingSpeed) so the software do the proper calculations with your writer-procesor-media, or if you insist to know, I think:

    Sony disc ID SONY-D21
    Verbatim disc ID MCC-00?? (depending if it is - or + R)
    and Tayo Yuden, this last are not foundable in México so I don't know the ID of the ones that work...!! [​IMG]